1953: Beginnings:
Joseph Lahaye (father of current Chairman and CEO Patrick Lahaye) founded Les Transports Lahaye with a single vehicle in La Mézière, near Rennes (département 35, Ille-et-Vilaine). Business revolved around fresh produce (early crops, potatoes and cereals).
His wife, Rose-Marie Lahaye, joined him in 1957 to criss-cross the the roads of France (she was winner and runner-up of the female lorry driver award for Brittany and France respectively).

1963/1973: Construction:
The company moved away from fresh produce transport and on to the transport of joinery and agricultural equipment.
With the creation of Lahaye SAS in 1968, business developed enough to extend the fleet to 10 vehicles. The company then took advantage of changes in the food processing industry and the evolution of mass-market retail in the Seventies to canvass new customers, notably William Saurin, Brossard biscuits and Berger aperitifs and cordials.

1973/1983: Stability:
The Lahaye network offered regional distribution solutions to a wide range of brand stores.

This period saw the launch of the first temperature-controlled lines.

1983/1993: Birth of a network:
Having assisted his parents in developing the family business for over 10 years, Patrick Lahaye took over the company and became Chairman and CEO of Lahaye SA. His brother, Dominique Lahaye, took the helm at Transport Lahaye SARL in Epernon (département 28).
Patrick Lahaye established the main principles of freight know-how and gave industrial impetus to the company. From La Mézière, Les Transports Lahaye set up its head office in Vern-sur-Seiche (département 35).
– Creation of new depots in Carbon-Blanc (département 33), Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu (département 69), Nogent-Le-Phaye (département 28).
– Membership of the Union des Transporteurs Européens (the European hauliers’ association).
– Development of company activity based on three areas:
Refrigerated transport,
Industrial and ambient transport,
Distribution services for large and medium-sized supermarkets.

The company was named haulier of the year in 1991

1993/2003: Development:
Creation of SBE (Société Bretonne d’Equipement). Fleet maintenance switched to in-house management.
– Construction of a new platform in Carbon-Blanc (département 33).
– Creation of five new depots in Carquefou (département 44), Bailleul (département 59), Couhé (département 86), Avignon (département 84) and Saint-Jean-d’Ardières (département 69).
– Takeover of Synchrony depots in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (département 35) and Saint-Herblain (département 44).
– Creation of the Montmur holding company.
– Acquisition of Les Transports Bergère in Laroque-d’Olmes (département 09).

The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in May 2003!

2003/2012: Maturity:
– Acquisition of Les Transports Prodhomme in Saint-Etienne-en-Cogles département (35), in 2007.

– Lahaye Logistique was created to meet the Entremont Alliance supply chain’s logistics outsourcing requirements.

– Launch of rail-road activity on the Brittany-Rhône Alpes route. Creation of the multi-modal transport company Trans-Fer at the start of 2012.

In May 2013, the company will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The history of the Groupe Montmur has been made possible by the men and women involved in its development since 1953. Today, the company employs almost 1,100 people, spread over 10 operations hubs, all ready to aid and guide you in organising your logistics.