The Groupe Montmur is founded upon strong values that form the basis of the company’s identity. This identity defines our business philosophy and our vision for development, and differentiates us in an increasingly competitive sector.

Together we can face the future with confidence

The Groupe Montmur was founded as a family business almost 60 years ago. Its respect for people – employees, customers and partners alike – lies at the very heart of its development. Despite its constant business growth in recent years, the Groupe Montmur remains committed to this aspect, and takes care to keep it a priority. The “human factor” is at the core of the company’s development and is essential for responding to the needs of its customers.

Quality in all logistics and transport services is vital at every level of our customers’ supply chain if they are to become increasingly competitive.

From collection to delivery, Montmur is committed to providing its customers with impeccable quality. This is achieved in three ways:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Preserving the integrity of the goods throughout the supply chain
  • Guaranteeing total reliability in each operation

For the Groupe Montmur, innovation is not just about technology. We innovate on a daily basis thanks to the imagination of the men and women employed by the company. This enables us to anticipate the needs of our customers and partners, and to generate tailor-made solutions.

One of the Groupe Montmur’s main aims is to position itself as a leader in the goods transport sector and a logistics provider of the highest order.

We strive to be recognised by our customers for the quality of the services we provide, and do all we can to provide top quality management and back-up for our teams.