IT lies at the heart of Groupe Montmur operations. It is an essential and inseparable part of the transport and logistics business. Together with our TMS, the entire Groupe Montmur fleet is installed with Vehco on-board computer software. This system has several functions.

Optimised communication
Firstly, it enables us to geolocate all lorries on the road in real time. Each lorry is equipped with a computer enabling drivers to receive data instantaneously from their base. This system provides more reliable data transmission and optimises information exchanges between drivers and the operations team.

Customers’ orders are processed more efficiently, as the system selects the most suitable lorry for the task

Drivers therefore become directly involved in the monitoring process and have a sense of responsibility. This computer tool thus has another role: integrating drivers into the company. It establishes a direct link with operations and, as a result,with the various teams at each depot.

All-round benefits
The benefits of the IT system are evident in all our activities. All articulated vehicles in the refrigerated transport division are equipped with communication sensors for monitoring the cold chain in real time throughout the journey, with automatic warning levels.


Our refrigerated containers are also fitted with the Thermo King system so that their temperature on the train can be remotely monitored

Finally, these on-board systems provide solutions for vehicle fuel consumption. Sensors are installed on lorries to assess diesel consumption on journeys with a view to limiting consumption and therefore reducing CO2emissions. We believe it essential to supplement our eco-driving training courses with technical tools, and do everything we can to reduce consumption as much as possible.