Whatever your area of activity, the Groupe Montmur has a solution adapted to your requirements.

From part to full-load transport, we provide distribution services across the whole of France and neighbouring European countries

The company’s freight division targets a wide range of customers: mass market retailers, the food processing industry, the capital goods sector, not to mention manufacturers and traders. For many years now, brands such as Leclerc, Carrefour, Lactalis and Pierre Fabre have entrusted their products to us.

Dedicated distribution solutions
To better respond to your needs and help you optimise your supply chain, we provide load transport, distribution and storage services tailored to your specific needs. Thanks to the diversity of its freight division, the Groupe Montmur provides quality service and optimal flexibility when it comes to managing your distribution flow requirements.

With 280 engine units and 300 sets of vehicle registration documents, our fleet enables us to adapt and respond quickly and easily to your needs.

Groupage and palletised delivery
Companies within our freight division offer full and half-load transport services along with transport solutions for small technical loads, generally composed of fewer than eight pallets. Two companies comprise our freight division: Les Transports Lahaye and Les Transports Bergère.

We are also in the process of developing our transport organisation activities to extend our range of services and offer solutions which are increasingly adapted to your needs.