SBE Maintenance serves to ensure the maintenance of the entire Groupe Montmur vehicle fleet. Our integrated workshop provides a 24/7 service. We respond quickly to maintenance issues and can provide the best cost/service quality ratio.

Our workshop team is made up of over 30 employees. They include mechanics, fitters and refrigeration technicians with sophisticated knowledge of technology, who are specifically trained to fulfil regulatory safety and environmental obligations.

Our aim is to ensure absolute reliability across the entire fleet

SBE Maintenance strives to constantly be a forerunner in terms of technology. We regularly invest to improve vehicle and management system performance.

For example, ours is one of the first companies to equip its lorries with on-board digital tachographs. Moreover, we have fitted tracking devices to our refrigerated containers for real-time traceability and temperature control, thus ensuring the cold chain is respected, and increasing safety.

These technological investments have also enabled us to remain up-to-date with environmental issues. In response to Euro standards aiming to preserve air quality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, heavy goods vehicle manufacturers have implemented SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. This technology converts nitrogen oxides into water vapour and harmless nitrogen thanks to the use of AdBlue®. SBE Maintenance was one of the first companies to invest in tanks suitable for use with AdBlue®. We are conscious of the impact transport has on the environment and are doing all we can to reduce it to a minimum in our company.