Although some of our subsidiaries specialise in this area, such as Lahaye Logistique, each Groupe Montmur company provides logistics solutions. Our experience enables us to offer a varied range of services adapted to your needs.

Through our mix of expertise in transport, distribution and logistics and our combined rail/road systems, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services for your logistics performance requirements

Having already established our reputation as a haulier, we have naturally expanded our range of responses and now offer logistics solutions to optimise your supply chain.

Moreover, we endeavour to make the most of IT tools. These are essential in the secure processing of information. Data reliability, transparency and transfer speed are all values we consider vital, and the computerisation of platforms has optimised our storage and order preparation processes.

Our logistics infrastructure is varied and comprehensive; it includes bulk, rack, static or dynamic storage, cross-docking and order preparation. We are bound to have the perfect solution for your needs.