The rental business of Les Transports Lahaye started in the Seventies, but it only recently became a fully-fledged subsidiary of the group, under the name “Lahaye Location”.

The primary aim of the lorry rental service was to provide personalised solutions for its customers. Continuous customer satisfaction played a pivotal role in this particular endeavour. The rental service offered customers the chance to outsource, and enabled us to tailor services to their requirements.

The company has an extensive rental fleet that includes tractors, articulated lorries, vans and refrigerated transport vehicles. What’s more, we offer a diverse range of options as we operate on a case-by-case basis. We seek to provide vehicles adapted to your needs through medium or long-term contracts.

Most of our customers are involved in mass market retail; however, some of our activity involves more specific equipment on a smaller scale

In addition, Lahaye Location is right up there with the other Montmur subsidiaries in terms of the environment. Almost all our fleet complies with the Euro V standard in order to reduce our carbon footprint, and the average age of our vehicle fleet is under 4 years, positioning it as one of the youngest in the market.