FTO Formation is there to provide in-house driver training within the group. We believe that it is essential for a group like ours to contribute as much as possible to reducing CO2 emissions. This in-house training demonstrates added value over a large number of our competitors who depend on external instructors – synonymous with longer delivery times, increased costs and less flexibility.

Generally speaking, the Groupe Montmur aims to ensure that all obligatory training is organised efficiently (every five years for employees).

We have introduced an eco-driving training course which not only promotes fuel savings through a smoother driving style, but also emphasises respect for the Highway Code. In turn, risk-taking and stress at the wheel are both reduced, results which have a positive impact on vehicle wear and tear.

The stakes are both environmental and financial. Let’s consider the facts: for each litre of diesel consumed, 2.6 kg of CO2 are expelled. It is therefore vital to pour our efforts into developing “green” transport. 

A smoother ride leads to reduced CO2 emissions and savings in diesel

Reducing consumption is our major priority, so much so that we are seeking to save 0.5 litres per 100 kilometres! This doesn’t seem like much, but considering the 32,400,000 km travelled by our 700 drivers every year, it equates to 421 metric tons of CO2 and is therefore a must!