Safety is a priority for Groupe Montmur at all levels of the company.

Employee safety
Whether on the road or on-site, our employees are trained in how to deal with dangerous situations so as to guarantee their safety and that of their co-workers.

We provide on-site training and closely control its implementation

Goods safety
To guarantee the integrity of goods entrusted to us by our customers, our employees are trained how to handle and transport goods safely and carefully. Goods are stored and processed in suitable depots which comply with the latest standards in force. We are always on the lookout for the latest developments in technology, to ensure that our equipment is of the highest quality.

Environmental safety
A combination of training and investment enables us to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. We pay particular attention to handling hazardous substances, and continue to develop new and more eco-friendly modes of transport. The company fulfils its obligations with regard to the transport of hazardous substances.

Road safety
Road risk management is an area concerning the safety of all road users. It guarantees our customers increased reliability in terms of deadlines and damage during transport. It also improves our drivers’ working environment, and, ultimately, that of all company employees.

Safety guarantees implemented by Groupe Montmur break down into three areas.

1/ Training
Drivers are trained in prevention and safe driving

Meetings are organised in partnership with the Automobile Club, during which the personal statistics of each driver are studied so as to raise their awareness and get them to drive more safely, thus reducing situations of risk. Drivers must also attend a four-monthly talk on the main causes of road accidents.

“This approach is an ongoing part of eco-driving training and further training every five years”

2/ Traceability
Thanks to each vehicle’s on-board computer system, we are able to guarantee safety and increased reliability for drivers, equipment and the goods transported. Information exchanges between vehicles and the operations team lead to fewer stressful situations, increased respect for the Highway Code and a lower risk of accident.

3/ Maintenance
A three-year vehicle renewal policy applies to our entire fleet, ensuring that all our equipment complies with the increasingly strict safety regulations in force. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance, are serviced every 100,000 km and inspected every 50,000 km. They are also subject to a technical inspection every year, in accordance with current legislation.